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Erika Landis

Erika Landis is the English Language Development teacher at the High School and Middle School.  She also works with the Creative Writing Club.  Erika has 9 years of teaching experience.  She received her BA in English from Bloomsburg University in 2001 and her Masters in Secondary Education from Grand Canyon University in 2011.
Erika says:  "I love learning about my students' cultures from all over the world, and have diverse tastes in music, cuisine, and literature.  In addition, I am an animal-lover, and I enjoy living across the street from an Amish farm in Lancaster county where my neighbors are horses, mules, and cows.  I appreciate and value nature, and believe we should all do our part to protect the world that we all call our home.  I enjoy reading, creative writing, gardening, and hiking in the forest."