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Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program allows eligible students to enroll in high school courses and earn credit with a local college or university simultaneously. If a student is interested in participating in this dual enrollment program, they should consult with their school counselor.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Students must complete or have scheduled sufficient credits to meet graduation requirements
(Incoming Juniors interested in dual enrollment must be on track to accumulate at least 19 credits in all necessary content areas by the end of their Junior year. Incoming Seniors must be on track to accumulate 25 credits in all necessary content areas by the end of their Senior year)
  • Be in good academic standing (no previous high school failures)
  • No outstanding attendance issues, disciplinary infractions, etc. 
Dual Enrollment Guidelines:
  • Dual enrollment courses will only be counted for credit and will not be factored into a student’s GPA or class rank
  • 3.0 college credits will be recorded as 1.0 high school credit on the high school transcript
  • High school students only schedule 7.0 high school credits per school year, therefore a student enrolled in dual enrollment cannot exceed that number of credits when factoring in their high school courses and their dual enrollment courses.
  • The cost of the dual enrollment course is the responsibility of the student/family
  • Transportation (to and from the college) is the responsibility of the student/family
  • The dual enrollment course must occur during the school year and school day (between the hours of 7:30 AM-2:30 PM)
FOR UPCOMING JUNIORS ONLY: only able to enroll in elective dual enrollment courses (not core courses such as English, Science, Math, Social Studies, PE, or Health).
Course Selection:
  • During high school course selection students should still select their 7.0 credits of high school classes (and 3 alternate electives). School counselors will adjust a student’s schedule to meet their dual enrollment needs once this is confirmed with the college.
Tips & suggestions:
  • If your student has an idea of where they would like to attend college inquire with that college whether they would accept dual enrollment credits. Some colleges are selective in whether they will accept dual enrollment credits or if they will only accept certain courses, therefore it is good to inquire before you spend your money.
    Shop it out. Although a majority of our students enroll in HACC’s dual enrollment courses there are other neighboring schools that offer dual enrollment. Consider looking at Central Penn, Harrisburg University, or Messiah.
  • Creating a mixed schedule of high school and dual enrollment courses can be tricky, especially if the student is electing to take an on campus dual enrollment course. For flexibility of the schedule and transportation needs consider enrolling in an online or even an online/asynchronous dual enrollment course. If a student chooses to take an online course they may complete this course in the high school library during one of our high school class periods.